Here we find ourselves on a quick break away to goal, the ball is at your feet, what do you do?

(click an arrow to choose which way to go!)

You’ll learn by playing!

The first thing I learnt was that if you wait to long, someone will take the ball from you.
I quickly learnt my technique to move the ball (clicking on the options).

I then kicked the ball into the on coming player.

So I looked for clues, my team mate on the right is pointing for me to go left, so I did and I went passed the first defender.

Then I got tackled again.

So I tried it again, this time I didn’t kick it so far wide and after that I kicked back to my team mate.

He kicked back to me and I had a chance to shoot.

I panicked and kicked it at the keeper.
So I tried it all again and this time I picked my spot to shoot, but again I took too long and I got tackled.

I tried again and this time I was ready, I made my passes and picked my shot long before I got there.

I scored a goal.


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